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September 30 - Status update "Armies of Oblivion" and "Beyond Valour"

News admitted by : Skye


MMP posted an update about the reprint of Beyond Valour and the release of Armies of Oblivion today on Consimworld. I dare not say it aloud; put it looks like it is actually getting printed this year..?!


AOO - sending Box, Lid, Maps, and Overlays to the printers today. Chapter H vehicles being proofed now, Chapter H Ordnance ready for printers by weekend, hopefully. Once proofers have one more chance to go over them, Ord and Vehicle counters go to printer (we hope the proofers don't find any problems on the counters). Once Chapter H is out we'll plug AOO artwork into scenarios and we'll give them one more round of proofing, hopefully sometime next week.
Had to dump 5000 finished countersheets this week, wrong shade of green. The office wanted me to post a photo of me throwing away boxes labelled AOO parts, I figured that'd probably push a few over the edge.

BV - sending Box, Lid, Maps, Counters, and Scenarios to the printers today. Everything at printers, waiting on production.

Operations #48 - sending to printer today. I imagine turnaround on this would be very quick.

- Brian Youse





September 28 - MMP to sell 'Red Barricades' again?

News admitted by : Skye


Saw an interesting post by MMP's Brian Youse yesterday on the forum of

It seems the lads at MMP had another stroll in their warehouse and stumbled upon some Red Barricades parts. Evidently all components seem to be there to sell complete copies of the game except the box and one 5/8" counter sheet , right now they are considering te sell the incomplete package in a ziplock bag.


This would be very cool off course. We don't really need a box and the large 5/8" counters are pretty much available in other modules as well. I think a set of some brand new Red Barricades maps would be a real treat for most people, as Red Barricades is still considered the best campaign module of the entire ASL game system but has not been up for sale for 10 years or so.



All this does make you wonder how big this warehouse really is doesn't it? It's not the first time that they dig up some long time out of print games or parts of it, just look at the previous post about "Hedgerow Hell" to see what I mean :-) I'll post an update about this when more info is available.




September 25 - MMP sells 'Hedgerow Hell' again and updates website

News admitted by : Skye


Auch... No updates for two weeks on this site! You guessed it, it was due to the great "A bridge too far" ASL tournament I attended. We had great fun there, some games won, some lost, and some almost won or almost lost. I met some great new people I'm sure to meet again, and I'm allready looking forward to the tournament in 2006! Hope to see you all there again.


Also, my thanks to Peter & Liz for organizing everything in the usual fantastic manner. Even though it does not always look it, organizing a tournament like this is a humongous job and cheers on them for selfishly putting all the work in. I will post a range of high resolution pictures from the tournament soon, for the time being just these two to get an impression from what you missed out on :-)



The upper game room early in the tournament



Post-game fun in the hotel bar!


On to the other (good) stuff now! MMP is kind enough to send everyone a copy of their mini-game "Target Arnhem" as long as you are willing to pay the P&P, too kind don't you think? Cheers on them. They also finished the pre-orders on ASLSK2 and you can now order it from the MMP website.


They also decided that their errata pages needed and update (they probably got jealous of our fine errata page here on! :-)) and they published a free electronic version of the "Advanced Sequence of Play". I think this file clearly shows what can be done with the ASL rules in an electronic version if someone puts his mind to it. It's really very nice.


Now for the collectors out there, head over to the MMP website and get your copy of "Hedgerow Hell"! They found a couple of new copies somewhere and put them up for sale! Note though this is DELUXE ASL , and not regular ASL, so big hexes on the map boards in this puppy.







September 8 - Dutch "Arnhem" ASL tournament in 1 week

News admitted by : Skye


Next week the time has come to go to Arnhem to the "Bridge to far" ASL tournament, so far 47 players from all over the world ( 12 Swedes, 8 French, 8 Dutch, 4 Danes, 4 German, 3 British, 3 American, 2 Canadian, 1 Swiss, 1 New Zealander and 1 Belgian) will attend. There is still room for more , so if you would like to attend then please go over to the tourny web site and send an email to Peter Struijf. I can highly reccomend it!


I hope to see many of you there and play a couple of good games , when I have recovered from four days of playing ASL I'll make sure to post an update and some pics about the events in Arnhem.




September 3 - 1st Starter Kit After action report online

News admitted by : Skye


Please enjoy the after action report (AAR) on the Start Kit #1 enjoyable "Welcome Back" scenario I made. It is under construction, but part I & II are done, the other parts will follow. Don't hesitate to send any comments, hope you enjoy it.


Read Part I here

Read Part II here




September 3 - MMP helps victims hurricane Katherine

News admitted by : Skye & Reid Hutchinson


Great news for those in the States who have lost their ASL stuff (and probably a lot more) to the hurricane 'Katherine'. MMP has decided to chip in and help them restore at least (some of) their lost games collection. As posted on Consimworld:





"I know folks in the center of the disaster down in the South are probably not reading this, but if you guys know of anyone who lived down there and lost their game collections due to the hurricane please let me know at, we want to do what we can, once their immediate issues are resolved of course, to get them set up with ASL or Gamers gear again. Thanks, MMP "


Kuddo's to MMP for make this gesture to those who have been hit by the hurricane and floods.


MMP also announced the hiring of 2 more employees ; Susan and Jo-Ann. This calls for some pictures doesn't it? Maybe it will even speed up the shipping off MMP products. Starter Kit 2 is reported to be 30% shipped by now. This does not seem to include my own copy as my creditcard still hasn't been charged. Add a month of shipping and I'll be lucky to play ASLSK2 by Christmas!


Please also note that Reid Hutchinson's Armory files have been updated , they now include ASLSK2.

Reid's Armory files have their own section in the "ASL stuff" menu on top of this page.