The forgotten rule page of ASL


Rules I always forget


To remind myself I am trying to collect some of the more obscure but usefull rules from the rulebook here. Some I found myself the hard way, and others copied from those who went before me.


For those who are planning to visit a tournament for the first time I recommend to print this section on paper, take it with you and learn it by heart so you won't make the same mistakes I did :-)


Also please note the 'Date Activated Event Guide' at the bottom. It helps me save some time when selecting scenarios, and it keeps me from forgetting some of the perks some nationalities have. I tend to forget these things when I'm tired (along with a heap of other things like boresighting and such) :-)


You can download the 'Date Activated Event Guide' in Microsoft Word (ready to print) format here.


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Chapter A - Infantry rules



A1.11 A partisan SMC (leader, hero) is NOT elite (Also; from antoher rules section: it seems that Partisan squads CAN form firegroups, unless a SSR prevents it from doing so - always played this wrong).


A4.134 A unit making a 'Minimum Move' , to get into a hex that takes a lot of MF (for example: a marsh) in the movement phase can do so but is pinned AND CX afterwards.

A better idea would be to Advance (against difficult terrain A4.72) into it in the advance phase and get only CX'ed.


A4.3 One can only bypass a wood or building and nothing else.


A4.44 An SMC may recover a SW/GUN from a broken friendly unit, (roll needed), in its RPH, also in its Mph phase W/O THE EXPENDITURE of a MF. This is useful in that you can try to rally the MMC in the Rally phase, and if you fail and absolutely must have the SW/GUN can try to grab it in the Mph phase at no MF penalty. Also note that the rule applies to SMC, so hero's can try to pummel a SW/GUN out of someone too, not just leaders.


A4.51 Being CX adds 1 to the dice roll for finding/throwing a smoke grenade, and to the roll for finding a PF, MOL or ATMM.


A4.72 If a hex EXCLUDING SMOKE (!!!) costs >= 4mf or all of a units mf to enter in the advance phse, you get CXed and cannot enter if already CX.


A7.301 & 7.301 A KIA or K/x result does not necessarily wipe out the entire stack, random selection is used to deterime the victim.


A7.302 A crew counter does NOT casualty reduce, so a full crew counter does NOT become a half crew, rather it is destroyed outright.


A7.8 Failing a PAATC pins you. Battle Hardening removes pin.


A7.83 A squad that NON-assault moves and gets pinned while moving no longer suffers the -1 FFNAM penalty for all shots AFTER the shot that pinned it.


A7.83 & A4.61 A squad that DOES assault-move and gets broken while assault-moving IS penalised with both -1 FFNAM and the -1 FFMO penalty AFTER the shot that broke it.


A7.9 Cowering with a firegroup does not cower the entire group, instead use random selection.


A8.21 Fire lane residual firepower can co-exist within the same hex with regular redidual firepower. So a unit moving through would be hit twice by residual firepower in the same hex.


A8.22 -A8.25 A malfunctioning weapons leaves no residual FP. Neither does snapshot, PF , PFK, AP or Intensive firing weapons.


A8.26 Being BU with your vehicle REDUCES the residual FP left. So does being stunned or CX.


A8.26 LV hinderances and Height Advantage DO NOT AFFECT residual FP left.


A8.26 A mortar firing on a woods INCREASES the residual FP left (for airburst).


A9.71 A stack or squad firing multiple SW in a firegroup that rolls a breakdown ('12') result does not necessarily lose all the SW. Random selection is used to determine which SW breaks.


A9.222 When a fire lane is placed vs an impulse moving unit,  after the original attack of the shot is resolved, the fire lane then IMMEDIATLEY attacks all of the other members of that impulse move on that mf if they are in a location now containing that firelanes residual! (interesting if you are being assaulted by a human wave or bansai wave!).


A9.8 A GERMAN dismantled MMH/HMG operates as a fully functional LMG. It can fire normally, even in the AFPh.

A SW is reassembled in the PFPh or DFPh (counts as using the SW).


A12.34 A HIP or Concealed gun gets to keep a concealment counter after it fires if the coloured dr roll is >= 6.

So if you make a TO HIT attempt and you roll a 1,2,3 or 4 with the coloured die, the gun is placed on the board concealed (if it was HIP before ). Just don't turn the gun around whilen you fire it because that WILL lose concealment.




Chapter B - Terrain


B9.34 Wall and Hedge TEM is lowered by one for indirect fire (OBA, onboard mortar). So a wall hex still has a TEM of +1 to indirect fire instead of the usual +2 TEM. On the upside: this lowered TEM is valid even if the incoming fire does not cross the wall.


B27.3 A foxhole offers +4 TEM against overrun and OBA but ONLY +2 versus onboard mortar fire.




Chapter C - Ordnance & Artillery


C5.7 When making an deliberate immobilisation attempt you have to make a HULL hit to actually immobilise the vehicle. Should you hit the turret while making the attempt, nothing happens.


C7.35 Rolling a 12 when firing a gun is not always a dud. It's ONLY a dud on a TO KILL roll (so rolling a 12 on a HE result is NOT a dud).


C13.3 A Panzerfaust To Hit Attempt that rolls a 12 Casualty reduces your squad. If it was inexperienced (conscript) it is casualty reduced on a 11 or 12.


C13.31 A PF Check dr that rolls an original 6 pins the unit making the die roll. If already pinned it breaks.


C13.7 An ATMM Check dr that rolls an original 6 pins the unit making the die roll AND reduces its CCV by one for subsequent attack (A11.5)




Chapter D - Vehicles


D3.5 A vehicle may fire only in ONE fire phase with its MG/IFE weapon(s). So you may NOT fire your BMG in one phase and your CMG in another (EXC: CC, ROF).







Date Activated Event Guide



Date activated terrain


B14 ORCHARDS are in season April through October and block line of sight to higher locations in those months.


B15 GRAIN is in season June through September (1.5 MF for infantry) , they are plowed fields in April and May (Open ground, 1.5 MF for infantry), in other months they do not exist at all.






Date activated special abilities - Germans:


  • Infantry gains inherent Panzerfaust ability:


Range 1 - 08/1943 - 09/1943 (by SSR only and with +1 to availability die roll)

Range 1 - 10/1943 - 05/1944

Range 2 - 06/1944 - 12/1944

Range 3 - 01/1945 - 05/1945


Availability roll <=3 (Not vs AFV -1 , In 1945 -1 , CX +1 , HS/crew +1 , SMC +2)



  • Infantry gains inherent ATMM availability: 01/1944+

Availability roll <=3 : (+1 by CX, +1 if HS/crew, +1 if SMC)


  • Riders 01/1943+
  • SS (only) Infantry gains Assault fire availability: 01/1944+
  • SS units are automatically elite, so the depletion number on armed vehicles/guns is 1 higher then printed





Date activated special abilities - Romanians:


  • RED to hit numbers with all To Hit attempts (EXC: units using German (g) or Czech (t) equipment). HEAT ammunition available 01/1943 as per applicable chapter H note.



  • Infantry gains inherent Panzerfaust ability:


Range 1 - 03/1944 - 05/1944

Range 2 - 06/1944 - 05/1945


Availability roll <=2 : (Conscripts +1 , Elite vs AFV -1 , In 1945 +1 , CX +1 , HS/crew +1 , SMC +2, +1 target not AFV)



  • 1st line and Elite Infantry (only) MMC gain inherent ATMM availability: 07/1943+

Availability roll <=3 : (+1 if pre 1944, +1 by CX, +1 vs unarmored , +1 if HS, +1 if 1st line)


  • Riders: 01/1943+






Date activated special abilities - Hungarians:


  • RED to hit numbers with all To Hit attempts (EXC: units using German (g) or Czech (t) equipment). HEAT ammunition available 01/1943 as per applicable chapter H note.



  • Infantry gains inherent Panzerfaust ability:


Range 2 - 06/1944 - 05/1945

Availability roll <=2 : (Conscripts +1 , CX +1 , HS/crew +1 , SMC +2, +1 target not AFV)


  • Riders 01/1943+





Date activated special abilities - Russians:


  • RED to hit numbers with all To Hit attempts.


  • May change 8-0 or 8-1 leader for a 9-0 or 10-0 Commissar pre 10/1942 (september included)


  • Russian Guard units are automatically elite, so the depletion number on armed vehicles/guns is 1 higher then printed.


  • Riders 01/1942+





Date activated special abilities - American:


  • RED to hit numbers with all To Hit attempts pre 1944.


  • Riders 01/1943+





Date activated special abilities - Japanse:



  • Squads may generate Tank-Hunter heroes (when they have LOS to enemy AFV) or DC heroes (when they possess a DC and have LOS to any enemy). Maximum number allowed per scenario:


10% of the number of squads (not crew, FRU: pre 1943 (20% vs Russians)

20% of the number of squads (not crew, FRU) : in 1943

33% of the number of squads (not crew, FRU) : in 1944

50% of the number of squads (not crew, FRU) : in 1945+



  • Any number of Tank-Hunter hero(s) up to the allowed maximum number may be placed on board HIP,as long as the Japanese setup begins onboard: 01/1944+


  • A Tank-Hunter hero ALWAYS has some ATMM capability.

(ATMM Availability roll <=3 : only modifier +1 pre 01/1944)


  • DC may be set HIP on a paved or unpaved road hex when playing versus non-Russian. Up to 25% of DC available (FRU) may be set up this way. Detonation may be done by 1 (HIP) infantry unit as Defensive First Fire and automatically destroys the target AFV. Allowed in 01/1945+.


  • No Quarter in effect & no Mopping Up:


01/1938+ Chinese vs Japanese

06/1942+ All nations vs Japanese



  • Riders 01/1943+




Non-date related Japanese stuff, but good to remember:


  • 10% (day) or 25% (night) of MMC squad equivalents (incl. crew) may ALWAYS setup HIP, in addition to HIP received from the scenario SSR, and even when attacking.


  • Pillboxes are automatically HIP as well, this includes the contents of these pillboxes. This HIP is in addition to the 10%/25% HIP received, and to any SSR granted HIP. With every pillbox a free tunnel to that pillbox is also received.


  • Japansese SMC do not pin or break, when they fail a SMC they take a wound check.


  • Elite and 1st line are stealthy , conscripts are lax.


  • No disruption, no RtPh surrender and no Encircled lower morale level.


  • Japanese negate LLTC, and an LLMC is treated as an LLTC


  • May declare HTH Close Combat when they are the attacker or when they ambush an opponent, and then receive -1 in in HTH-CC.


  • All MMG/HMG/ATR not used by a crew have their breakdown AND rate of fire (ROF) lowered by 1