ASL Scandinavian Open 2007 tournament


My second visit to the ASO tournament in Kopenhagen , Denmark.


This year about 60 people visited so a very well attended tournament this year, and with a lot of very skilled players. The level of play was very high, with many exellent players attending. Lots of Swedish players, but I also spotted Norwegian, French, British , Finnish players and even some from Israel to name a few.


I arrived a day before the tournament started with Jeroen V. (who won the CVP prize at his first tournament ever) and got a chance to visit the royal palace in the blazing snowstorm that hit Kopenhagen on the day of our arrival.


I finished at a humble 21st place in the rankings out of 43 (players who switched to a mini-tournament are excluded) , with 2 wins and 1 draw out of 5 games.










ASL Scandinavian Open 2006 tournament


Here are some pictures of the ASL Scandinavian Open 2006 tournament I attended. I had a good time over there, eevn won a few games, and can only reccomend the tournament to all who'd like to play an ASL tournament some time.


Picture 1 is the moat around the Kopenhagen harbour fortress. Picture 13-17 are pictures from the Danish National Arms Museum where the tournament is held. An incredibly large museum that (I believe) has every hand gun in existance in its collection. The picture shown here is a German PAK-75mm (picture 15) and a MG-34 heavy machine gun (picture17), both pieces were naturally also used in their cardboard form in the tournament :-)


If you'd like to now more about the Scandinavian Open ASL tournament please check their website here.


I finished 27th out of 40 players (two games won out of five).