Scenario Errata page


I haven't played hundreds of scenarios in ASL, but I recently found out that the ones I DID play have allmost all been revised in the last few years. This might not seem a big deal until you find that one side suddenly has revised victory conditions or one side gets a few extra support weapons here or there...


Most errata is published on the website of their company that published the scenario pack, but that involves a lot of browsing on (most of the time) not too well organised web pages. So for your conveniance and mine I have collected the errata for the most often played scenarios on this page. I you have any that you feel are missing, then don't hesitate to mail me.


These scenario errata include changes made in scenarios included in "For King and Country" and "Beyond Valour 3rd edition". Please note that MMP has recently made available their own 'official' scenario errata page, which is very hard to find on the MMP website but is located here.


Errata weblinks:


Multiman Publishing (MMP)

Heat of Battle (HOB)

Lone Canuck

Critical Hit


Fanatic Enterprises (FE series scenarios)

Le Franc Tireur (FT series scenarios)




ASL core modules published by MMP/Avalon Hill


ASL 2 (Mila 18) The German must perform the Mopping Up procedure in a building in order to claim it for Victory Condition purposes, even if they Control all of its Locations. {96}


ASL 3 (The Czerniakow Bridgehead) Each unit eliminated due to SSR 2 counts as Casualty VP. {96}


ASL 4 (The Commissar’s House) In SSR 3, the Russians should have Level A Booby Trap capability--not Level C. {96}


ASL 8 (The Fugitives) In SSR 1 change "pre-designate" to "secretly record". {96}


ASL 8 (The Fugitives) Re SSRs 1 and 7, which one is resolved first?
A. The German secretly records his entry hex, the Russian player then places his Rubble counters, and the German then reveals his entry hex. {96}


ASL 9 (To The Square) The Russian radio should have contact values of 6/7/8-not 5/6/7. In SSR 4, allow the German HMG (as well as the MMG) to use Bore Sighting. {96}


ASL 20 (Taking The Left Tit) The Victory Conditions should read: "The Americans win if at game end they have Exited >= four Good Order squads (or their equivalent) off the north edge of board 2 and currently have more Good Order squads (or their equivalent) on level 2 hex(es) than the Germans." {96}


ASL 21 (Among The Ruins) U.S. Tanks do not count towards the Victory Conditions. {96}


ASL 26 (Tanks In The Street) In the second line of the Victory Conditions, change "by" to "at". {96}


ASL 33 (The Cossacks Are Coming) For Victory Condition purposes, the 50mm mortar has a FP value of "3". The Cossack LMG has a FP value of "3". {96}


ASL 41 (A Bridgehead Too Wet) Change the British Balance Provision to read, "In the Victory Conditions, change '>=7' to '>=8'." The Class on the German HS counter illustration should be "[E]", not "1". {96}


ASL 47 (Rude Awakening) "-1 0/2PP" and "-1 2/3PP" on the Motorcycle counter illustrations should be "M10 0PP -1" and "M9 3PP -1" respectively. {96}


ASL 48 (Toujours L’Audace) In SSR 5, change "German...hostile" to "Germans are in a hostile, and the Belgians in a friendly,". {96}


ASL 49 (Piercing The Peel) In the Victory Conditions, change "by" to "at". {96}


ASL 50 (Age-Old Foes) On the Wagon counter illustration, "M>=6 1S/5PP" should be "T6 15PP" and there should be two starts (not one). {96}


ASL 50 (Age-Old Foes) The Russian radio should have contact values of 6/7/8, not 5/6/7. {96}


ASL 52 (Too Little, Too Late) "-1 0/2PP" on the Cycle counter illustration should be "M10 0PP -1". {96}


ASL 53 (A High Price To Pay) The LMG counter shown in the British OB should be British--not Axis Minor. The British light mortar shown should be the standard (range 2-11)--not the Airborne-version. {96}


ASL 54 (Bridge To Nowhere) The Class on both Russian HS counter illustrations should be "[1]", not "1". {96}


ASL 54 (Bridge To Nowhere) For Victory Condition purposes, the 50mm mortar has a FP value of "3". {96}


ASL 56 (Half A Chance) The DVP values (F.3) are missing from the gun and vehicle counter illustrations. Rules D13.3 and D13.32 of the 1989 Errata supercede SSR 5. {96}


ASL 58 (Ci Arrendiamo) The DVP values (F.3) are missing from the British gun and vehicle counter illustrations. "-1 2/3PP" on the sidecar counter illustration should be "M9 3PP -1". {96}


ASL 76 (End Of The Ninth) The French armored cars should not have AAMG. {96}


ASL 79 (Bridge Of The Seven Planets) In SSR 1, change "Hill 486" to "Hill 520". Regarding SSR 3, if the leader in 40oD1 undergoes Heat of Battle, the result is always treated as Battle Hardening. {96}


ASL 86 (Fighting Back) The contact number shown on the scenario card for the Polish radio should be 7, as is shown on the actual radio counter. {J1}


ASL 89 (Rescue Attempt) In SSR 2 replace overlays RR3 & RR4 with RR11 & RR12 (the 6 hex ElRR overlays). [Consider overlapping a hex of the two GLRR overlays (RR1 & RR2) which will help keep all of overlay RR1 on the board.] {J1}



ASL Annuals published by MMP/Avalon Hill


ASL A1 Tavronitis Bridge (93 in For King & Country module)
Add a 4-6-8 and a glider to the German OB.


ASL A2 Bofors Bashing (94 in For King & Country module)
Add a 4-6-8 and a glider to the German OB.


ASL A3 Descent Into Hell (95 in For King & Country module)
Add a 4-6-8 and a glider to the initial Turn 1 force and also to the Turn 4 reinforcements.


ASL A6 (The Price Of Impatience)

"-1 2/3PP" on the sidecar counter illustration should be "M9 3PP -1". {96}



ASL A7 Slamming of the Door (scenario 129 in BV 3rd ed.):

Revise the circled numbers in the Turn Record Chart for the turn of entry of the German reinforcements and their relationship to the VC -- circled numbers are now "2" in turn 2, "4" in turn 3, and "6" in turn 4, and the number of CVP the Russians must amass is increased by the circled number of the turn of entry of the reinforcements.



A8 The Agony of Doom (scenario 136 in BV 3rd ed.):

In the VC, change"5 multi-hex buildings" to "4 multi-hex buildings".



ASL A11 (Silent Death) Finnish OB text should read: "27th Sissi Company [ELR 5] enters on turn 1 on any/all board edge(s), expending no more than half their MF allotment." {96}


ASL A15 Stand Fast the Guards (92 in For King & Country module)
- In SSR 2 delete “and one AT Gun (and its crew)”.
- In SSR 4, change “dr” to “DR.”
- Replace British balance with “SSR 4 and 5 are NA.”.
- Replace German Balance with “In SSR 3 replace “DR” with “dr”.”



ASL A21 Counterattack on the Vistula (scenario 134 in BV 3rd ed.):

In the VC increase the German CVP cap from 19 to 24 and in the German balance increase the German CVP cap to 29.


ASL A22 The Crux of Calais (96 in For King & Country module)
- Add a 4-5-7 and a LMG and 6 “?” to the British OB.
- Replace the British balance with “Add a 4-5-7 and an ATR to the British OB.”.
- In German balance replace “three 4-6-7s” with “two 4-6-7s”.



ASL A24 Regalbuto Ridge (100 in For King & Country module)
- Shorten Game Length to 7 turns.

- Replace the Victory Conditions with the following: “The Germans win at game end if they have more Good Order squad-equivalents than the British on hill hexes of board 2. Good Order MMC on Level 3 hexes count double.”

- Replace SSR 4 with the following: “One German 8-0 possessing the radio must set up HIP to direct the fire of a single offboard 75* leIG 18 INF Gun (German Ordnance Note 15). Radio Contact must be gained/maintained normally, but Battery access is NA. The 8-0 serves as a spotter (C9.3) and all principles of spotted indirect fire (C9.3-.31) apply [EXC: Gun Malfunction is NA], including ROF decrease (C3.33) and target acquisition. For TH# determination purposes, range is counted from hex 3A5.”.

- In the British balance replace “7 Turns” with “6 Turns”.


ASL A35 Guards Attack (108 in For King & Country module)
Add a 2-4-8 to the German OB.


ASL A38 North Bank (110 in For King & Country module)
- Add 8 “?” to the British OB.

- Add the following SSR: “5. Prior to play the British player may secretly record which units possess PIATs. The presence of a PIAT will be
revealed when the possessing unit fires/transfers/drops the PIAT in LOS and within 16 hexes of an unbroken enemy unit, or is no longer Good

- Replace the British balance with “Add one 3-3-8 to the British OB.”.

- Replace the German balance with “Delete the 8 “?” from the British OB.”.


ASL A40 Ad Hoc at Beaurains (91 in For King & Country module)
- In Victory Conditions replace “35 VP” with “30 VP”.


ASL A43 Probing Layforce (99 in for King & Country module)
- In Victory Conditions replace “20 VP” with “17 VP”.

- Reduce British OB by one 6-4-8.

- Replace German balance with “Delete a 9-1 from the British OB.”.



ASL A53 (Smith & Weston) The Annual 93a scenario entitled "Smith & Weston" should be ASL Scenario "A53", not "53". {96}


ASL A54 (The Raate Road) The Finnish ATR should be a 20L Lahti-not the 20LL depicted. The Russian radio counter depiction should have Contact values of 6/7/8-not 5/6/7. {96}


ASL A60 (Tosugeki!) Both Chinese MMG Strength Factors should be "4-10". {96}


ASL A63 (Action At Balberkamp) The German cross in the Turn 2 box of the Turn Record chart should be in the Turn 3 box, and the British roundel should be in the Turn 2 box. {96}


ASL A69 (Broich Bash) Rotate the north arrow 180 degrees. {96}


ASL A72 (Italian Brothers) The Republican "Balance" should read: "Delete SSR 5." {96}


ASL A72 (Italian Brothers) In the Republican OB change "SSR 1" to "SSR 5" and change "or on south of hexrow C" to "on/south of hexrow C". {J1}


ASL A73 (Not Out Of The Woods Yet) The Americans set up first and move first. {96}


ASL A76 (Night Drop) The American "Balance" should read: "Delete SSR 5." {96}


ASL A76 (Night Drop) In the German Balance, change "turn 4" to "turn 2". {97}


ASL A77 (Hide & Seek) Rotate board 14 180 degrees.


ASL A79 (Mike Red) Change the Allied nationality in the Turn Record Chart from "British" to "Canadian". Delete the bracketed total MMC BPV in the Turn Record Chart; Battlefield Integrity never applies to the Assaulting side in a Seaborne Assault. {96}


ASL A80 Commando Schenke (scenario 126 in BV 3rd ed.):

Add one 4-4-7 to the Russian OB and decrease the German SAN to 2.


ASL A81 (They Fired On Odessa…) The Russians enter along the west edge. {96}


ASL A82 (Orange At Walawbum) Add three 50mm mortars to the Japanese OB. {96}


ASL A82 (Orange At Walawbum) In the American setup instructions, change "37S9-37S10" to "36S9-36S10". {97}


ASL A84 (Endless Struggle) Only hexrows B-FF are playable. {96}


ASL A85 (Airborne Samurai) Game length is 7 1/2 turns. Also, delete the first sentence of SSR 3. {96}


ASL A86 (Fighting Sparrow) Since the Japanese Morale is underlined in this scenario (SSR 3), these units are not subject to Unit Substitution. {97}


ASL A87 (The Grand Canal) Victory Conditions should read as follows: "The Japanese win if they Control >=30 printed stone buildings at game end; the 41U5 bridge is the equivalent of 5 stone buildings." {96}


ASL A88 (Surprise Encounter) Rotate the North arrow 90 degrees clockwise; rotate board 34 180 degrees; rotate board 32 180 degrees. {96}


ASL A90 (Cutting Out A Strongpoint) The South African roundel in the Turn Record Chart should be in turn 5 instead of turns 3 and 4. The DVP values for the South African vehicles should be listed in red; the 2pdr Portees are worth 4 DVP each and the Marmon-Herrington ACs are worth 3 DVP each. {96}


ASL A96 (In Rommel's Wake) Add to the end of SSR 4, "A Set DC may use HIP and would lose HIP status as a Fortification". SSR 6 should read "The German cycle counters represent bicycles (D15.8) which may portage one MG when in squad size". {97}


ASL A99 (To Clear A Roadblock) The scenario card erroneously shows the German le PaK 41 anti-tank gun as having a 3 ROF; as depicted on the counter and in the Ordnance Notes, this weapon only has a 2 ROF. {97}


ASL A102 On Silent Wings (98 in For King & Country module)
Add a 5-4-8, a LMG, and a glider to the German OB.


ASL A105 (Police Action) In SSR 2 (and the board configuration) change "overlay 1" to "overlay 2". {J1}


ASL A103 (Mayhem in Manilla)
Can the U.S. win by entering one of the buildings before the Japanese get a chance to use Defensive First Fire?
Can they win by advancing into CC before the CC is resolved?
Can they win merely by virtue of one of the buildings being occupied by no one?
A. Yes. Yes. No. {MMP}


ASL A114 (Hamlet's Demise) SSR 1 The wind blows from the southwest. {J1}


ASL A115-A118 (see also entries for Nhpum Ga mapsheet in MAPS): {J1}
SSR 1: All Interior Jungle hexes are Dense, but in most cases, however, the "oversized colored center dot" in a Jungle hex designates Light Jungle [EXC: hexes U9-U11].



ASL Journals published by MMP/Avalon Hill


J1 Urban Guerillas: SSR5 should read: "Partisan units have PF capability as if they were German, and Captured Use Penalties (A21.12) apply; only a maximium of 3 PF may be fired by Partisans during the scenario."


J3 A Sunday Stroll: The '45 Bazooka in the American OB should be a '44 Bazooka.


J6 St. Barthelemy Bash: The '45 Bazookas in the American OB should be a '44 Bazookas.


J28 "Inhumaine": SSRs 1, 2, & 3 should refer to building M6, not building P6 (P6 is open ground).


J29 "The Capture of Balta": Add SSR 5: "5. The German 8-3-8s/3-3-8s are considered Assault Engineers (H1.22). The StuG IIIB has AP 10."


J34 "Men of the Mountains": In Italian set up, change "and/or" to "and".


J35 "Siam Sambal": The contact number shown on the scenario card for the French radio should be 7, as is shown on the actual radio counter.


J38 "Bitter Defense at Otta": Ice rules do not apply.


J39 "Indeed!" In SSR 2, replace "[EXC: H4-I4]" with "[EX: H4-I4]".


J52 "Dress Rehearsal": BPSSRs apply (see page 60).


J53 "Setting the Stage": BPSSRs apply (see page 60); in Victory Conditions replace "33G6" with "33GG6"


J57 "Guards Artillery" In British setup, replace "any whole hex of board g" with "on board g". (i.e., not on board f or hexes shared with board f, but half hexes of board g not shared with board f are OK).


J60 "Bad Luck": In the Victory Conditions, replace the second instance of "Germans" with "Americans".


J77 (Moses Blazes): The Germans on board 23 get 6 "?".


J81 (Twisted Knickers): replace the three onboard Stuart IIIs with Stuart I's (5 DVP each).


J92 (Your Turn Now): Both sides amass VP per the hexes listed in SSR 3; if the Japanese do not earn the listed VP by clearing the set DC, then the Filipinos do. Filipino units do not Disrupt.



Action pack 1 & 2 published by MMP/Avalon Hill


ASL AP1 (The Ring) In line 2 of the Victory Conditions change "3 CVP" to "5 CVP". {97}


ASL AP4 (l'abbaye blanche)) Would a U.S. Gun captured and exited by the Germans be worth 4 VP or 2 VP ? A. 4 VP. {MMP}


ASL AP8 (A Bloody Harvest) Delete two Allied Minor LMG from the Polish OB. Polish Elite and 1st Line squads have Assault Fire. {J1}


ASL AP11 (Swamp Cats) The scenario mapboard configuration incorrectly shows overlay X21. The SSR correctly identifies overlay X27.



ASL historical modules and studies published by MMP/Avalon Hill


ASL RB2 (Blood & Guts) In Victory Condition "b)", change "initially...Russian" to "within the Russian setup area". {96}

ASL RB 5 (The Last Bid): In the German OB set up instructions after "rubble" add "and/or Trench adjacent to building/rubble".


ASL RB6 (Turned Away) The German Dummy counters set up IN gully hexes despite the fact that the latter are not Concealment Terrain. {96}

RB CG IV In Table 1, change the German CG Maximum Purchase for the G2 RG from "7" to "1".


ASL KGP2 (Festung St. Edouard) In SSR 4, add "(HE/WP)" after "OBA" in line 1, add "(HE/SMOKE)" after "OBA" in line 2, and delete "and may fire HE/SMOKE". {96}


ASL KGP5 (Marechal’s Mill) The Jeep with the 4FP AAMG should have a ROF of 2 on the scenario card. {96}


ASL KGP6 (Probing The Villas) Replace one U.S. dm MMG with a U.S. dm HMG in the U.S. OB. {96}


ASL KGP10 (Peiper’s Last Gasp) The German SAN should be 2. {96}


ASL HASL A1 (Fire On The Volga) Add "[EXC: for Victory Condition purposes only, the river is not flooded]" to the end of SSR 1. {96}


ASL PB5 (Taylor Made Defense) For purposes of PB SSR 14, the forces in the British OB that belong to No. 1 Platoon, Company D, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry consist of a 6-4-8, the 4-5-8, the 2-4-8, and the 8-1. {J1}


ASL HS4 (High Water Mark) In the American setup instructions for C Company, replace "Hill 2" with "Hill 120" so that it reads "set up <= 2 hexes from any Level 4 Hill 120 hex".


ASL HS6 (Just Fighting Through) In SSR2 replace "E1.1-1.6" with "E1.1-1.16".


ASL HS10 (Government Property) overlay Wd4 cannot be set up on Y7/Z8 as indicated since those hexes aren't adjacent. In SSR1 Replace "Y7/Z8" with "Y7/Y8".


ASL HS13 (The Ravine) in the setup instructions, replace "board 35" with "board 36". The board configuration is correct as shown.


ASL HS18 (To The Matter Born): The British are able to deploy 3 squads.


ASL HS21 (Hervost Hell): Add "in the German setup area" at the end of the VC.


ASL JM2 (Bloody Omaha): In MSR 6.31, replace the three instances of "pillbox" (but not "pillboxes") with "Trench".


ASL AD12 (Tussle at Thomashof) The British get a total of three Churchill VIIs. (This scenario has been updated and re-released in Operation: Veritable as HS23.)



GI Dozen published by MMP/Avalon Hill


U6 (Action at Kommerscheidt) In SSR 2 change overlay "OG1" to "OW1".




ASL Classic published by MMP/Avalon Hill


ASL A (The Guards Counterattack) A7.72 supercedes SSR 2. {96}


ASL B (The Tractor Works) A7.72 supercedes SSR 2. {96}


ASL C (The Streets Of Stalingrad) A7.72 supercedes SSR 3. The date, of course, should read "1942". {96}


ASL D (The Hedgehog Of Piepsk) A7.72 supercedes SSR 4. {96}


ASL J (The Bitche Salient) In SSR 4, the 80+mm OBA should have normal ammunition. {96}


ASL M (First Crisis at Army Group North - scenario 125 in BV 3rd ed.): increase the game length by one turn and add one 447 and LMG to the Russian OB.


ASL R (Burzevo) The last sentence of SSR 4 reads "The 88L FlaK Gun must be set up adjacent to a building hex." {96}


ASL S (The Whirlwind) In SSR 5, change "German...friendly" to "Germans are in a friendly, and the Americans in a hostile,". {96}


ASL U (Chance D'une Affair) In SSR 4 change "the MPh" to "Movement Phases". {97}

ASL T5 (The Pouppeville Exit) In the German setup instructions, change "Locations" to "hexes". {96}


ASL T7 (Hill 253.5) The Germans may set up north of the road that determines the setup areas but not on it. {96}


ASL T9 (The Niscemi-Biscari Highway)In the German setup instructions, change "5Q5" to 5Q6". {96}


ASL T13 (Commando Raid At Dieppe) The German units in 4R1 should set up in 5R1. {96}


ASL T15 (The Akrotiri Peninsula) The two 4-5-7 and the two leaders that belong to the 151st heavy AA Battery are not bound by SSR 4. {97}



The General Magazine published by MMP/Avalon Hill


In SSR 3, delete "all". {89,96}


On The Wagon counter illustration, "M>=6 1S/5PP" should be "T6 15PP"
and there should be two stars (not one). {90,96}


In the Victory Conditions, change "have ... total" to "currently
Control one of those buildings and their Casualty VP total is >=
triple that of the Axis side". {93a,96}


The DVP values (F.3) should be printed in red, not black. {90,96}


May the German LMGs be Bore Sighted ?
A. No. {MMP}

G22 A Day By the Shore (103 in for King & Country module)
- In the VC add “assembled” after “Good Order”.

- In German Turn 3 reinforcements replace “enter on Turn 3” with “enter on/after Turn 3”.

- In German balance replace “on Turn 2” with “on/after Turn 2”.


In the Victory Conditions change "and/or" to "and" (i.e. the Americans win
if there is either a Good Order U.S. MMC, or a manned U.S. AFV with any
functioning armament, or both, within six hexes of 43N8). {97}


After "GERMAN Moves First" add: [0]
The die roll in SSR 3 must be less than _or equal_ to the circled
number on the Turn Record Chart {30-5}


G43 Kangaroo Hop (106 in for King & Country module)
- In SSR 6 replace “150+mm OBA” with “100+mm OBA”.

- Replace British balance with “In German setup, delete “using HIP (regardless of terrain)” and delete SSR 5.”.


G45 (Halha River Bridge) The counter depiction on the scenario card of the 37* INF Gun in the Russian OB incorrectly shows it as having IFE. {J1}




Out of the Attic published by MMP/Avalon Hill


OA2 (Skirmish in the Snow): treat the TK# for the 75's "APCR" as if it were a 75L.


OA6 (Mounted Extraction): Russian reinforcements enter on/after Turn 1.


OA7 (Celles Melee): Setup is simultaneous and the Americans move first.


OA11 (Crocodile Rock): the balances are reversed.


OA14 (Across the Aisne and into the Freineux): In the US setup the four M5A1s of the 3rd Recoinaissance Battalion set up south of hexrow R and the two Shermans of the 2nd Platoon set up with their CA towards the southern hexspine.



Deluxe ASL published by MMP/Avalon Hill


DASL A (To The Last Man) Add "Buildings cH2, aK2, and bE1 are Factories" to the end of SSR 5. {96}


DASL 5 (Little Stalingrad) The Russian radio should have contact values of 6/7/8, not 5/6/7. {96}


DASL 15 (Barkmann’s Corner) All U.S. units must enter in one Convoy and one Column. {96}


DASL 17 (They’re Coming!) At the end of the American setup instructions "board f or g" should read "board f or h". In line 3 of SSR 1, change "dr" to "DR". {96}


DASL A2 (Last Act In Lorraine) There are, of course, 11 two-story buildings. Change references to "seven" in the VC and American Balance Provision to "eleven". {96}


DASL A4 (The Island) The North arrow should point to the right-not to the top-of the scenario card. {96}


DASL A12 (Tussle At Thomashof) Add on Churchill VII to the British OB. {97}




Critical Hit "CH" series scenarios


Scenario CH 3 ("The Green Hell") ABS HANDICAP should read:
US3-US2 + replace the Japanese 9-1 leader with a 10-2.
US2-Decrease CVPs in the VC to 18.
US1-Replace a 6-6-7 squad with a 6-6-6.
J1-Increase US SAN to 4.
J2-Increase the scenario length to 7.5 turns.
J3-J2 + replace the US 9-1 with a 9-2.


Scenario CH 4 ("Steutzpunkt Vierville")
1. The direction arrow is currently pointing toward the EAST edge. North is toward the top of the page. This will fix the US being able to enter right next to the beach on Turn 1.
2. The Be5 overlay should be placed Be5: 5O5-5O6 on D7-D6
3. SSR 4 should read: Tanks may not enter a Level 1 hill hex from any Level 0 hex that is west of hexrow I.


Scenario CH 7 ("Prelude to Breakthrough") There should be 16 German concealment counters.


Scenario CH 8 ("The Predators") Special Rule #5 on page 16, Infantry Category B is a Russian HMG and a .50cal HMG. A total of two machine guns are available to the Russian player choosing this category.


Scenario CH 9 ("Breakthrough to Kozani") Special Rule #1 should read "EC are Moderate with no wind at start. Kindling fires is NA."


Scenario CH 25 ("Land of the Khan") The Japanese set up should reference SSR 5, not SSR 4.


Scenario CH 37 ("Forgotten Years") The sand dunes are low.


Scenario CH 53 ("At The Crossroads") Replace the entry instructions for the 4th Division with the following:
"Elements of the 4th Division, Soviet Konarmiya Army enter on Turn 1 on/-adjacent to hex 43Y1."


Scenario CH55 ("Lighter Than A Feather") The name comes from that most Japanese of sayings: "Duty is heavier than a mountain; death is lighter than a feather."
1) The Marines set up in hexes numbered <=4.
2) Yes, the Japanese Cave Complex is double normal size, i.e. "<= 4 hexes from 15AA6".


Scenario CH 56 ("The Stalingrad of Kursk") Replace the history section with the following:
Ponyri, Russia, July 9, 1943: Among the many fierce battles of Kursk some of the fiercest fighting occurred around and in the tiny agricultural village of Ponyri. The fighting was likened by both sides to a miniature Stalingrad. Along the railway running from Orel to Kursk its importance was a collection and distribution point for the collective farms in the vicinity. For 6 days this village became the focal point of immense efforts by both sides. Units of the 292nd Infantry Division had captured the railway embankment on the opening day but the struggle for control of the settlement was sucking in large numbers of German units. To support the 292nd General Model fed in the 9th & 18th Panzer and the 86th Infantry divisions. The Soviets responded in kind, feeding in more artillery, mortars and howitzers. In Ponyri itself, ferocious hand-to-hand fighting took place with heavy fire support from tanks, artillery, and SP guns, as both sides contested the village. From July 6-9 a see-saw struggle for control of the schoolhouse, tractor depot, railway station and water tower took place. German massed tank attacks impaled themselves on minefields and were shattered by the massed fire from T-34s, anti-tank guns, and tank hunting units with their anti-tank rifles and Molotov cocktails. Although the Soviets were suffering frightful losses their defenses were fulfilling the purpose for which they were designed. The task of Bleeding the Germans white was achieved.


Scenario CH 57 ("Yad Mordechai")
1) SPECIAL RULE #4 should allow the Israelis to deploy and recombine without a leader. [CHw] {Corrected in later printings. SR}
2) All minefields are Known.

Scenarios in Critical Hit Issue 4 and later All AFVs listed in CH scenarios using the new clip art use OPTIONAL MG ARMAMENT by SPECIAL RULE #only. For those confused by the lack of MG designations on the scenario cards, any armament listed in Chapter H notes as "Opt." are only available by Special Rule.


Scenario CH 73 ("The Stand Off") The Weapons Pit counter depiction shows the wrong TEM vs. non-OBA attacks. The TEM is +2 vs. OBA and OVR, +3 vs. Others. The Counter and the rules are correct.


Scenario CH 74 ("Troteval Farm") The printer substituted the German LMG graphics for the British LMG graphics. Use the appropriate British LMG.


Scenario CH 75 ("The Big Cat's Den") The printer substituted the German LMG graphics for the British LMG graphics. Use the British LMG.


Scenario CH 77 ("Drop Zone A") The printer substituted the German LMG graphics for the British LMG graphics. Use the British LMG.


Scenario CH 78 ("The Outskirts of Lemberg") The printer substituted the German MMG and LMG graphics for the Polish MMG and LMG graphics. Use the Allied Minor MMG and LMG. Replace the 4-3-7 in the Elements of the 11th Division with an 8-1 leader. SR #4 makes sD 7, ignore C8.2 reference and just mnake it 7. Reference in SR #5 to G.2 refers to Brush, Grain and Orchard due to non-PTO nature of scenario.


Scenario CH 81 ("Hard Cactus")
1) The entire board is in play, ignore the shading on the mapboard diagram.
2) Add a radio to the turn one American reinforcements.
3) The single US truck should enter on or after turn 1.
4) The two US T19 HMCs should enter on or after turn 3.
5) The German squads should all be 4-6-8.


Scenario CH 83 ("Jungles of Stone") There should be 8 caves and 2 trenches, not the numbers printed on the scenario card.


Scenario CH 95 ("Shambles") Delete the Sherman Fireflies. Increase the number of Sherman V(a) from 15 to 19. Increase the number of Achilles from 1 to 4.


Scenario CH 106 ("The Breakthrough") Set up for the 7th Battalion and the mortars should be "<= 3 hexes from..."

Scenario CH 138, note the Finnish 6-4-8's are 1st Line and the 5-3-8's Green.

Scenario CH 139, change the Victory location, listed as 18K4, to 18K3. Note the Finnish 6-4-8's are 1st Line and the 5-3-8's Green.

Scenario CH 140, note the Finnish 6-4-8's are 1st Line and the 5-3-8's Green.




Padington Bears "PB" series scenarios


Scenario PBP1 ("Red Sorghum, Yellow Earth") This is PB1, not PB6.


Scenario PBP2 ("The RHA at Bay") The Germans should have three Pz 38(t)A tanks, not two.


Scenario PBP5 ("US Forces") The Victory Conditions should be read as 5 of the 7 indicated objectives, with entire building K8 being a single objective.


Scenario PBP6 ("Raw Deal") There should be ten American 6-6-7 squads, and ten "?" counters. The US forces should have 1xHMG, 2xMMG, 3xBaz44, 2xDC. {Also the counter art for the Baz44 should have an "8-4", not an "8-5". SR}


Scenario PBP7 ("Piece of Cake") The Russian OB should have 1x 9-1 SMC and 3x LMG (not vice-versa).


Scenario PBP10 ("First to see Will ...") The U.S. Reinforcements enter on the west edge, not the east edge.


Scenario PBP11 ("A Civil War, Not a Gentleman's War") The overlays are at level -1.


Scenario PBP11 ("A Civil War, Not a Gentleman's War") The CH setup graphic on the map could be misunderstood. The text above the unit OBs (saying where to setup) is correct.


Scenario PBP12 ("Soft Noodle") Chinese groups A and B are composed of Conscript 3-3-6 squads, group C is composed of First Line 3-3-7 squads. All Chinese 336/136 MMC are treated as Conscripts (as printed on the ASLÔ Axis Minor counters).


Scenario PBP13 ("Marked For Death") The French AFV are two AMD-35 Panhard Armored Car.


Scenario PBP15 ("The Road To Mandalay") Burmese 3-3-6's are Conscripts, not Green Troops. Their depiction should have a "C", not a "G", in the upper right corner.


Scenario PBP17 ("Easy Meat") The US Turn 1 reinforcements enter via west edge. Add a 9-1, two 4-6-8's, and a dmMMG to the German turn 2 Reinforcements.


Scenario PBP18 ("Pandemonium") Delete the red 2 under the Japanese 9-0. The Japanese OB should include only three SMC: 10-1, 9-1, & 9-0 (plus 3x448, 3x447, 3x228, 2xMMG, 2xLMG, 1xMTR, 10x?, 2xTrench, 5xFoxhole, as printed).


Scenario PBP22 ("Morire In Belleza") There should be 2x 8-0 SMC, not three, in the Yugoslavian OB. In the Balance (ABS) Y1 should be "Delete 5x ? counters'"(not eight).





On Top ASL


ON3 Lend-Lease Attack:

CVP should be >=28


ON5 Duel Of long Barrels

VP should be >=22VP


ON6 Kempf At Melikhovo

German OB set-up should be :on hexes <= 5: Error, SSR 5 should be :Following a dr <= turn number:






Recon by Fire issue #1 by Heat of Battle


RBF 1 (Weather the Sturm):

HSR 1 should read: EC are Moderate with a Mild Breeze from the Northwest. Place overlays as follows: OG1 on 19X6, OG2 on 33M5-N5, OG4 on 19AA2-Z2, Wd2 on 33O4- P3, Wd4 on 33BB3-AA4 Wd5 on 33O5-P4, B2 on 33N4-N3, and B5 on 33Z1-AA2.


HSR 2 should read: SSR 2. The Germans receive a 100mm OBA (HE and smoke) directed by a Off-board observer at level 2 along the west edge that must be placed at set up. This observer may not try Battery Access until Turn


HSR 5 should read: Russian 628s/328s are considered Sappers and Assault Engineers. Russians are Elite.


HSR 8 suggestion: For owners of OtO, we suggest that you use the actual PT-34 counters and rules from OtO instead.




RBF 2 (Aggravation at Agrigento):
Tactical Objective correction: A typo sneaked in here, the last three words are obviously not needed.


Italian OB errata: The Italian ART Guns should be the "Cannone da 75/27".


RBF 3 (South Park):

US OB Correction: The AA Guns should be labeled M51 and are treated as M55 as per HSR 3.

US OB Correction: The US unlabeled Tank is an M4.

US OB Correction: The reference to HSR 5 for the ART Guns should be HSR 4.

US OB Errata: The Crews for the 155mm ART Guns are 2-2-7's, not 2-2-6's.

US Balance should read: Add a 3-4-6 HS to initial US OB.


HSR 4 should read: The US 155mm ART
Guns must set-up non-Emplaced and unpossessed. Recovery attempts may not be made until a German unit is Known to a Gun counter (treating the Gun as a Good Order unit for this purpose only).


HSR 5 should read: The US player may secretly record the possession of initial on-map SWs until the possessing unit becomes Known to the German player or the SW is fired/transferred/dropped.




RBF 4 (Used and Abused):

HSR 2 should read: PTO Terrain is in effect [EXC: The following roads still exist; 37A5- 37H4-37P5-X5-GG5 and 14I10-W5-Y10]. Sunken roads are gullies. The runway on board 14 is unpaved.


HSR 3 should read: All buildings are wooden and single story. Place overlays as follows; B1 on 14R7,
B2 on 14S 6-T5, G2 on 14O6-O7, O2 on 37P2- Q2, Wd5 on 14D3-C3.


HSR 5 should read: A Japanese AFV may move as if Radio Equipped, in any Player Turn it start it's MPh with a Known Enemy Unit in their LOS.




RBF 5 (Paper Line):
See downloadable scenario ATF1 from the All-Time Favorites at the HoB website.




RBF 6 (Desert Fortress):

German set up Q&A: Units setting up on halfhexes are counted toward squad equivalent limits on both boards connected by that half hex. Australian Battlefield Integrity Number: [312]



RBF 7 (Into the Cauldron):

German OB errata: Add a 2-2-8 Crew to German initial OB.

German reinforcement entry errata: German reinforcements enter on the north map edge.


HSR 1 should read: EC are Wet with no wind at start. All buildings [EXC: Factory] are two-story buildings. Building aJ2 is a Roofless Factory with the following rules applying:


1.1 ROOFLESS FACTORY HEX: A Roofless Factory Hex represents a portion of the Factory in which the roof has collapsed.


1.11 FACTORY DEBRIS: All non-rubbled Roofless Factory Hexes contain debris (see below). Factory debris is not Inherent Terrain (i.e. it exists only within the building depiction), and may not be Cleared. Only building (not Factory debris) TEM applies to a Direct Fire attack whose LOS is not traced entirely within the Factory. Indirect Fire, and Direct Fire whose LOS is traced entirely within the Factory to a Roofless Factory Hex is subject to both Factory TEM (+1) and Factory debris TEM (+1). Moreover, LOS (and Indirect Fire) that incurs the +1 Factory Hindrance of a roofless Factory Hex also incurs that hex’s +1 debris Hindrance, for a total of +2 per-hex LOS Hindrance.



2.1 Debris is Concealment Terrain. It has a +1 TEM and is a Half-level LOS Hindrance (both of which are cumulative with Factory TEM/Hindrance). Debris may not be Kindled, nor may a Blaze spread to it; however, debris in a Roofless Factory Hex can catch Fire along with the building Location (which may still be Kindled in the normal manner). Debris may not be created during play.


2.2 MF/MP: Infantry must expend one MF+COT to enter a debris Location. The only vehicle type that may enter debris is a fully-tracked AFV, which does so by expending ¼ (FRU) of its MP allotment and taking a Bog Check with a +1 DRM (and an additional +1 Bog DRM for entry of a Factory Location if applicable) [EXC to all: if Bypassing a Factory debris Location].


2.3 FORTIFICATIONS: A Fortification may exist in a debris Location unless other terrain/Fortification(s) therein prohibit it.


2.4 RUBBLE: Rubble created in, or falling into, any debris Location turns it into a Rubble (not debris)



RBF 8 (Germeter by Meter):

Tactical Objectives should read: The side with the most VP at game end wins (if tied the Americans must have caused more CVP than he loses to win). In addition to earning CVP, each side earns 1 VP for each squad capacity
of pillbox locations he controls and also 1 VP for each level four hill hex he controls at game end.


German OB errata: Germans should receive 12 AP Mine Factors not 2.

Add HSR 5: Off-map hexes of board 39 are in effect for reinforcement entry.





Recon by Fire issue #2 by Heat of Battle



RBF 11 (Gut Check):

Russian OB: There should be a “?” under the foxhole counter, not ‘2’.



RBF 16 (The Bitter End):

Russian OB: The second Russian leader should read: 8-1 x 2



RBF 17 (Third Hotspot):

HSR 1: Add ‘[EXC: Steeple Location]’ after “exists.”





Recon by Fire issue #3 by Heat of Battle



Q. Are the T-3 and T-4 the PzIII and PzIV respectively?

A. Yes. The T-3 is Axis Minor Vehicle Note 38, and the T-4 is Axis Minor Vehicle Note 39 – PzIVH(g).



RBF 20 (Amateurs at War):

Romanian OB: Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.

Russian OB: The T28s should be the M34 version, Russian Vehicle Note 11.

ADD HSR 3: All T-26s have the optional CMG.



RBF 21 (Massif Assault):

Romanian OB: Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.



RBF 22 (Breaking the Massif):

Romanian OB: The Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.



RBF 23 (Romanian Holiday):

Romanian OB: The R1 should have black MP.

Russian OB: The BA-20 should have black MP.



RBF 24 (Meeting Again):

Romanian OB: Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.



RBF 26 (Flatfooted Cavalry):

Tactical Objective: Add as last sentence, “A tie is a Romanian victory.”

Romanian OB: The R1 should have black MP.

ADD HSR 3: All T-26s have the optional CMG.



RBF 27 (Romanian Panzers):

HSR 2: Add “Russian” between “All” and “infantry”.

HSR 3: Delete this HSR.

Romanian OB: Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.



RBF 28 (Breakthrough!):

Romanian OB: Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.

The T-4 Side/Rear AF is 3.



RBF 29 (Blocked Escape):

Russian OB: Elements of 511th enter on the west edge on a dr < the Turn number.

Romanian OB: Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.The T-4 Side/Rear AF is 3.



RBF 31 (German Rescue):

Russian OB: The BA-20 should have black MP.



RBF 33 (Brought Low in Lojev):

Historical Perspective: Replace ‘Yugoslavia’ with ‘Ukraine’.

Partisan OB: Delete the word “Slovak”.



RBF 35 (Vakarel):

Balance Bulgarians: Add a 3-4-7 and 7-0 SMC.

Balance Germans: Add two 4-3-6s.



RBF 37 (The Fangs of Transylvania):

HSR 2: Delete “but guns must always be in tow” replace with “and guns must set up in tow.”

Hungarian Set Up: Change See HSR 2 to HSR 1.




Onslought to Orcha by Heat of Battle



OB6 Hoffmeister's Charge

HSR 4: Delete “an” replace with ‘one’.


OB7 Where’s the Beef?

Tactical Objective: Add ‘Controlled’ after “building”.


OB 8 Bloody Bobruisk

HSR 4: Add ‘Tunnel Exchange (B 8.6) is NA.’


OB13 The Cat’s Lair

HSR 4: Delete “(EXC: Mines)”.

Russian OB: The truck should be a ZIS-5, i.e. Russian Vehicle Note 47.


OB 14 Berated at Baranovichi

HSR 2: Change to ‘…Rubble or the Factory…’


Beyond the beachhead by Heat of Battle



Q. Is hex Q5 on board III a steeple as per B31.2?

A. Yes.


BtB 1 Taking Tailleville

Canadian entry:Replace G1 with GG1.



BtB 2 Merely Hanging On

German OB: The tank destroyer is the GSW39HPak with 75L (German Vehicle Note 103).



BtB 3 Kraut Corner

HSR 3 clarification: A dismantled MMG counts as 2PP here.



BtB 4 Firestorm in St. Manvieu

HSR 5: Add the word ‘hex’ to the end of the last sentence.



BtB 8 Steel Inferno

German OB: Change PzVGx3 to PzVGx2.



Buckeyes by Heat of Battle



BUCK 1 Welcome to the Jungle

Board Orientation: Disregard the artwork on the boards and use only the board numbers and North indicator when aligning the boards for play.


US OB: Add a 5-4-6 to the at start forces.



BUCK 2 Repple Depples No More

HSR 3: Add No clouds and Full Moon.



BUCK 8 Cut, Slash, and Mow Them Down

HSR 2: Add Overcast and Full Moon.



BUCK 9 To Take Back A Hill

US OB: “(SR6)” should read ‘(HSR 4)’.





LSSAH 1,2,3 and 4 by Lone Canuck



LSSAH #1- Opening Fire:
German Order of Battle- Change the 1 squad Motorcycles depiction for a 1 squad Motorcycles with Side cars depiction.
SSR 5: "The Polish have a Set DC (A23.7) on the 40I2 bridge hex (for Clearance purposes, both bridge hexes need to be cleared)) prior to play. The detonator (represented by a Phone counter that cannot be moved from that Location) is located in the "Customhouse" building 3Z1 and may be recovered (A4.44) by either side. A Infantry unit in possession of the Phone can either detonate the Set DC as it was the qualifying unit as per A23.7 without regard to LOS or be destroyed as per A9.73 and so effectively eliminate any future possibility of detonate the Set DC."

LSSAH #3- Fruhjahrsbestellung:
German Order of Battle- The 1 squad Motorcycles depiction has no PP capability

LSSAH #5- "To Hold?"
Victory Conditions- Remove the "/or".

LSSAH #15- Shot off with to Weak of a Bullet
Russian Order of Battle- In set up restrictions, change board "3" for board "2".

LSSAH #9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 & 16

In these scenarios, all Russian 4-4-7/2-3-7 MMC are subject to the following unit replacement (A19.13) and Battle Hardening (A15.3) rules. A 4-4-7/2-3-7 that suffers Unit Replacement due to ELR failure, is replaced by a 4-2-6/2-2-6 MMC. If that 4-2-6/2-2-6 MMC subsequently is Battle Hardened, it is replaced by a 4-4-7/2-3-7 MMC.
Note: LSSAH #9: The at start 4-2-6 MMC will Battle Harden to 4-4-7 MMC.

In this scenario, a Russian 4-5-8/2-4-8 MMC that suffers Unit Replacement, is replaced by a 4-4-7/2-3-7. If that 4-4-7/2-3-7 suffers Unit Replacement, it is replaced by a 4-2-6/2-2-6 MMC. If that 4-2-6/2-2-6 MMC subsequently is Battle Hardened it is replaced by a 4-4-7/2-3-7 MMC.

LSSAH #19 The Tiger's Roar:
The at start Dug-in T34M41on initial OB should state "(See SSR 8)" not "(SSR 7)"

LSSAH #26 Steel & Fire
Add SSR 7: The Russian may enter his infantry as Riders on the T-70 tankettes, contrary to D6.2.

LSSAH #27 Thrust to the North
Add SSR 7: The Russian may enter his infantry as Riders on the T-70 tankettes, contrary to D6.2.



Schwerpunkt by Tampa Bay ASL Group


SP120 Kettlehut to the rescue

German setup should read "in hexes numbered => on board 15"


RPT9 Shelling the Shivas

The main Russian and reinforcement forces have an ELR of 4.